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Our students have experienced traumas of some kind that have left them emotionally vulnerable within mainstream schools and they are often 'switched off' from learning. By placing each student at the heart of their learning experience we enable focused academic, social and emotional development designed around each student's interests and needs.
Each student follows a personally negotiated timetable and attends either on a full time basis or on our flexible learning programme.
As far as possible, we work to accommodate our students' interests whilst delivering sound academic study.
We timetable personal enrichment programmes, local trips & field trips, visits from our local English Heritage approved theatre group, organic gardening & animal husbandry. New opportunities for students are continuously evolving.

Learning Programmes:

We offer an academic, social and emotional curriculum delivered by well qualified and experienced practitioners.

Students are encouraged to attend full time unless they are attending other learning settings, but we recognise that in some instances, a reduced timetable can aid a student's emotional recovery.

Students are offered the following subjects:

English, English Literature, Maths, Science, History, Photography, Textliles, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, French, Spanish, Italian, Art, Etwinning, PHSE & Citizenship, Organic gardening. Additionally, we endeavour to offer any other subject that a student might like to study.


English Curriculum KS3, English Curriculum KS4,

Maths levels 3-4, Maths levels 4-5, Maths levels 5-6, Maths levels 6-7.

Science KS3

Science KS4



Modern Foreign Languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian


Philosophy and Ethics