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Golf Day!

Rod Williams and friends at IRIS organized a Golf Day and raised an amazing £2,000 for Northleigh House School. Thanks for the great contribution! Grazie mille from Northleigh House School students and staff!

Thanks to the team from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Northleigh were delighted to receive a visit from a fantastic team of volunteers from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council on Friday 3rd August. Lead by Purnima, the team busied themselves tending to the gardens and painting the lamp posts. We would like to thank them all for the time and energy spent giving Northleigh Thanks to you all for your help and all the energy they spent giving Northleigh a makeover!

Medieval event


On 26th June an event was held at Northleigh House School about the Medieval age. It was really interesting and was a great way to get us involved in history as we got to wear some of the armors, carry weapons and practice a few sword fighting stances/techniques. After that there was also an archery demonstration and we got shown some of the methods of curing people with illnesses which unfortunately I missed.It was an amazing day all round and enjoyable for all. Andrew, Northleigh student

Thanks to DHL from Northleigh House School!

A great team from DHL gave up their Saturday on 12 May to do wonderful work for us, we can’t thank them enough! They did cleaning, gardening and built us a great chicken house & run and we are so grateful to them all. It was just lovely having them here.


Thanks to National Grid!

Northleigh House School is pleased to announce that it will soon be home to a brood of chickens thanks to the efforts of a fantastic team of volunteers from National Grid in Warwick, who kindly built a fully fox proof chicken run in the school grounds. We look forward to the arrival of the chickens next month, and hope that they will be the first of many generations of feathered friends at Northleigh House School. We are sure that our youngsters will benefit immensely from the pleasure of caring for these animals.
Not only are we grateful to the National grid  team for this wonderful contribution, but also for taking the time to repaint one of our classrooms while they were here. Thank you for your generosity and kindness from all of us at Northleigh House School!